money shouldn’t be a roadblock to your creative genius.

That’s why we occasionally partner up with kickass brands to offer talented creators a free year of REC – all the resources you need to grow as a creator.

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A partnership to bring resources to emerging artists who are too good to ignore
Everyone accepted gets a free year of REC, even if you’re already a REC member. Here are some talented creators who joined us in previous cohorts of the sponsorship program.

Get all the resources you’re missing to start making a living off your passion

When you become a sponsored member, you get access to all the benefits REC offer for a full year.

Opportunities to collaborate with the sponsoring Brand Partner and many other REC-vetted brands. Get paid doing what you love--in dollars, not “exposure”.

Professional-grade equipment that and private studios for all types of craft. Whether you’re visual, audio, experience, or product creator.

Exclusive, member-only events to learn from industry-experts and connect with creatives working towards the same goal.

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Apply for a
Sponsorship applications are only open for 2 weeks on average.

We’ll notify everyone on our email list as soon as the application window is open – Join our email list so you don’t miss the application window.
Wait as our brand partners check your application.
Typically, our brand partners will handpick the people they’d like to move forward with. This process takes 2 - 3 weeks on an average.
You’ll get the news as soon as the names are in.
Whether you’re selected or not, someone from the REC team will let you know about the results as soon as possible. Check your email inbox or text messages to make sure you don’t miss the message.

Be the first to know as soon as a spot opens.

Applications are only open for 2 weeks on average. Drop your contact details so you don’t miss the application window.
You’ll receive an email with details on how to apply as soon as a sponsorship is available.
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How do you decide who gets sponsored?

Each brand partner has their own judging criteria. You can learn more about the criteria when the application opens. Even if you don’t get the sponsorship in the past, you can apply again every time the opportunity comes up.

If I’m already a member, can I still get sponsored?

Yes! You can still apply for a sponsorship even if you’re a current member. If you are selected, REC will extend your membership for an additional 1 year. Free of charge.