Where ambition
meets belonging

REC - The members-only club every creative entrepreneur needs access to.

In the early days of REC, co-founders Will and Dave orchestrated gatherings in basements, warehouses, and any available spaces that could host an assembly of emerging artists, musicians, and creators. United by pressing questions—how to scale, how to sustain their art, and what missing resources needed to be filled—these gatherings became essential lifelines.

It was the collective wisdom, shared challenges, and unwavering support from participants that solidified the foundation of REC. The Goldie Locks Underground POV series in 2015 served as a watershed moment. Featuring talents like Orion Sun, Armani White, and Bri Steves, this series escalated REC from a local gathering to a burgeoning community of focused visionaries.

This momentum was further amplified by the team's initial forays to SXSW, representing Philadelphia in high-profile client activations and confirming REC's readiness to operate on larger platforms.

Fueled by these transformative experiences —Will and Dave realized it was time for REC to evolve. The journey led REC from hosting intimate showcases to a creator’s hub in a 9th and Dauphin warehouse. Today, REC is a fully equipped members-only club at 9th and Market in Philadelphia, featuring 12 reliable studios and more. REC will launch its second city, Miami, in 2024.

Being a creative entrepreneur isn’t for the faint of heart. It means having the courage to pursue your dreams but often facing the cold reality of isolation, uncertainty, and unending challenges. You're navigating a path that's unique, but the roadblocks, doubts, and pressures you face? They are shared by many.

And that’s where REC comes in.

At REC, you’re a part of a community that understands you, your hustle, and the ambition it takes to be a creator. It's where you'll find your tribe who've overcome the same struggles, mentors who'll guide you, and opportunities that will open doors.

REC’s mission is to give creators everything they need to transform their creative passion into a thriving career through a community experience like no other. Guided by our five core values—Creator-First, Authenticity, Teamwork, Growth Mindset, and Problem-Solving—each member commits to our safe-space policy upon joining.