4 Things Every Creative Should Focus On Right Now

Auditing Your Media Diet

There are more pieces of information online than we can count. Most of it is garbage. For a creative person, media overload can be crippling. Let’s be intentional about what we’re consuming– be mindful of your screen time, unfollow accounts that consistently share negativity, and limit your internet browsing tabs to 7. Protecting your peace, energy and focus is everything.

Making Products

Most freelancers and entrepreneurs chose the lifestyle because we want more control over how we spend our time. The fastest way to this type of freedom, is to create, package up, and sell products. Why? Because products, whether digital or physical, are scalable whereas services are not. Performing services take time; and we only have a limited supply of time each day. That means that there is a limit to how many services we can perform. With a product, however, the right marketing/sales funnel can help us make money while we sleep.

Establishing Relationships

There used to be a time where most of the movers and shakers were too busy traveling the globe to read a cold email or Instagram direct message. That time has passed (for now). Take advantage of it. Now is the time to reach out to those folks you’ve been dying to partner with. We’re all at home looking at screens for a majority of the day, and we’re all figuring out how to set ourselves up for success on the other side of this pandemic. Send that message to shoot your shot; and when you do, do it with a spirit of giving. When you’re doing the outreach, your goal should be to add value to the person on the other end, as an opportunity to build trust with them. Play the long game, knowing that if you are consistently (and genuinely) giving value, the real ones will be excited to reciprocate at the first chance they get. The trick is to do enough research to know what will be valuable to the other person.

Trying New Things

Now is the time for experimentation. That new app, that new content series, that new product idea– try it out! In a time of uncertainty, curiosity is your friend. You may surprise yourself and your audience with something you love.

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