Welcome To The Club: A Note From REC’s Co-founders

It’s wild to even type this, but here we are—a decade in. From the depths of basements to venue-hopping around Philly, a warehouse in  North, and now hitting the sunny side of Miami. The journey has been surreal, to say the least.

Looking back, it's almost unbelievable to think about the talent we've been fortunate enough to rub elbows with—our incredible team, our fiercely loyal community, and the visionaries behind our brand partnerships. The ride has been anything but smooth, but every bump and curve has been well worth it.

Who could forget the Goldilocks Gallery Underground POV series back in '15? Those nights with Orion Sun, Armani White, and Bri Steves are where it all began to crystallize for us. Our SXSW and A3C pilgrimages, rolling 20-deep to give Philly its proper spotlight? These were our rites of passage.

9th & Dauphin

Oh man, 9th & Dauphin. That spot is where we first learned the ins and outs of community building. We started off with one humble room, and before we knew it, we set up shop across the entire 4th floor with 7 creative spaces. Each iteration was an evolution—reimagining what a space for creators should and could be.

Then came the game-changer: our grand opening at the Fashion District in 2019. The energy, the vibe, the community—everything aligned in a way that signaled a new era for REC.

Blxst Invests in REC

Speaking of evolution, how about the investment partnership with EVGLE? Teaming up with an innovator like Blxst empowers us to truly redefine the creator economy for the next generation. 

From the warehouse days to pre-pandemic times and where we stand today, our core mission hasn't wavered: empowering creators to thrive. As the leading members-only club for creators, it’s all about putting YOU, our Members, at the forefront. We’re more committed than ever to creating an experience where you have everything you need to thrive as a creative entrepreneur by focusing on three pillars: community, programming, and space.

What’s next? Our new app and its AI capabilities. Imagine having a direct line to your REC community and resources 24/7. Whether it’s finding the right studio or the perfect gig, Scarlet.ai is here to guide you. We're still in the beta phase, but trust me, it's a game-changer. To further the excitement, we’ll open our second location in Miami in early 2024. It’s a blessing to take what we’ve been building for years right here in Philadelphia to creators in cities around the world. 

Welcome To The Club

If this speaks to you, don’t just sit there—join us. Request an invite, fill out the application, and be brutally honest about what you want to achieve. Be bold. Be you. We’ll see you at REC.

Peace and much love,

Dave Silver + Will Toms, Co-founders, REC

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