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Turn Your Creativity into a Thriving Full-Time Career with REC's 6-week Creator Accelerator Program

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What Is REC'S Creator Accelerator Program?

A career-defining 6-week virtual accelerator uniquely designed for dedicated creatives ready to elevate their craft to a full-time, profitable business.

We equip you with the advanced tools, strategic insights, and mentorship necessary to transform your artistic passion into a lucrative, full-time career.

Tackle Your Challenges as a Creative

Our virtual program is uniquely designed to tackle the common challenges faced by creatives transitioning to full-time entrepreneurship.

  • Overcome isolation through peer networking, mentorship access, collaborative projects, and our engaging group settings.
  • Navigate uncertainty with step-by-step roadmaps, milestone settings, regular check-ins, and access to our resource library.
  • Break through financial barriers and establish diverse revenue streams with monetization strategies, revenue diversification, and marketing training.

The Creator Accelerator Experience

Led By Visionary Entrepreneur William Tyrone Toms, a celebrated leader in the creative industry. Benefit from his personal experiences, insights, and success strategies that transformed REC Philly into a growing entity.

  • Each session is conducted live including a mix of instructional content, practical exercises, and a Q&A segment to address your specific queries.
  • Dive into a series of professionally produced video tutorials covering everything from initial concept to business scaling.
  • Supplement your learning with detailed written materials that provide step-by-step instructions, best practices, and actionable templates.
  • Access recordings of each session, allowing you to revisit and absorb the content at your own pace.
  • A curated selection of additional resources, industry reports, and articles, to enhance your understanding and application of the concepts taught.

After Completing the Program, You Will:

  • Possess a Robust Business Mindset: Cultivate strategic thinking for creative work as a business, planning, and resource allocation, while adopting a growth mindset for new challenges in your career.
  • Master Brand and Business Dynamics: Master crafting a unique brand identity, learn effective market positioning, and develop strategies for sustainable brand growth and market relevance.
  • Implement Effective Revenue Strategies: Identify diverse revenue streams, set profitable pricing, and acquire client acquisition skills for your creative business’s growth.
  • Develop an Actionable Marketing Plan: Analyze your target audience, adapt marketing to their preferences, and set measurable goals using digital tactics like social media and content marketing.
I learned so much from Will Toms in the 6-week coaching program offered by REC Philly. I was able to clarify my overall vision as an author and creative entrepreneur. I learned how to create a business model and plan that doesn't just live in my head but that actually exists on paper. Because of that, I now have the building blocks to confidently move forward with building the necessary systems and scaling my revenue. I'm truly grateful for this opportunity. It was beyond worth the investment.
Dr. Sheena Howard
Author, Speaker, Content Creator
I thought the creative coaching session was well worth my investment. I was able to better understand how to build my business through gaining a better understanding of myself. One of the most valuable parts of the experience was being able to learn as a community.
Stephen Tyson, Jr
Hip-Hop Artist, Speaker, Educator
My time with the Creative Coaching program led by Will Toms has been so invaluable to me. In a time when money is tight, I knew money would come and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to invest in myself. Within these past 6 weeks I have sorted a long list of to-dos into a well executed agenda. I have a solid plan and great reference notes going forward to catapult me into a future I can actually see stability in. Grateful for Will and the Rec community, can't wait to do much more knowing they have my back!
Emily Kirk
Singer, Songwriter
The cohert sessions & office hours were my favourite part of my week. Not only was it a designated time for me to spend intentional time on my creative pursuits but each session left me feeling more knowledgeable and more confident in my ability to make my creativity profitable. Will’s delivery & knowledge bank combined made these sessions a priceless experience that will forever mark a pivotal moment in my creative career.
Singer, Songwriter

Week-by-Week Overview:

Weekly 90-minute live virtual interactive classes, designed to cover crucial aspects of creative entrepreneurship.

Weekly 60-minute virtual open forum group office hours to delve deeper into your creative and business queries.

  • Week 1 - Laying the Foundation: Focus on mindset shifts and preparing for a full-time creative career.
  • Week 2 - Branding and Identity: Learn how to effectively brand and position your creative work.
  • Week 3 - Marketing and Audience Engagement: Strategies for connecting with and growing your audience.
  • Week 4 - Monetization Methods: Explore various revenue streams and how to implement them.
  • Week 5 - Business Operations and Legalities: Understand the essentials of running a creative business, including legal considerations.
  • Week 6 - Scaling and Growth: Tactics for expanding your reach and scaling your business.

Ready to claim your spot in the full-time creative world?

We’re confident in the transformative power of our program. If you complete the work, attend all sessions and don’t find the value you expected, we offer a money-back guarantee.