Elijah Crawford Wants To Help You Define Your Aesthetic

Elijah Crawford is a lot of things. A retired hand model, an eclectic sweater thrifter, a cheap wine connoisseur, but above all things, a director. A director who has dedicated the better half of his life striving to perfect his craft. He teamed up with golden-eye photographer Zach Miscavage to form their production company 'Ugly Art' - gaining notoriety from the likes of MTV, Billboard and The Cut Magazine.The incredible Elijah Crawford of Ugly Art joined us on Creator Day for A Director’s Guide to Defining Your Aesthetic: an up-close workshop for filmmakers, art directors, and visual artists. Watch the recap.Follow Elijah CrawfordFollow Ugly Art Filmshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4APFyP_x9hU

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