Turning A Passion Project Into An Event Series

We tend to tell ourselves that we’re always “too busy” to put time into those personal project ideas. But what if we took the leap & time to bring those to life?

Last Saturday Kelsey McKee led our second digital recession creator workshop on exactly that. She walked us through tips for turning ideas into real life things, covered the steps to reaching out & showed us how a writing activity for a dream job turned into her creating a 6 part series of workshops & panels called theself.series.

Check out the full session stream for all the gems & activities!

Here’s a few of our takeaways

1. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Life happens & things evolve.

2. Having extra time to focus on that passion project you’ve been “too busy” to invest in is invaluable.

3. Community is important. Getting time to yourself does wonders for your sanity, but having a group of people to help you grow & thrive is something you can’t replicate.

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