Welcome to Season 2!

Whew. What a past few months it’s been. One thing is for sure – it’s now more important than ever that creators are developing their businesses to live life on their own terms. Here at REC we’ve been focused on making sure that our creators are more equipped to do so than ever before.

What’s New This Season?

  • REC Relief: We’ve collaborated with businesses in our community to create a collection of grants to support creators experiencing challenges due to COVID-19 and racial injustice. The first round of grants have been distributed but stay tuned for more opportunities in the future.
  • REC Creative Business Plan Template: Does completing a business plan seem like an overwhelming task? Not any more. We’ve developed an easy to use workbook that allows you to create a business plan for your creative business while following along with each curriculum chapter. We’ve got your back!
  • Creator Score (Coming soon!): Our old Creative Entrepreneur Rating System is now your Creator Score. The Creator Score makes growth exciting and measurable by gamifying skill development and encouraging reflection.
  • Community Forum/Chat: We’ve enhanced the experience of member to member communication by implementing a Slack channel for all active members. This allows for community-wide messaging as well as group messaging and 1 to 1 messaging.
  • Studio Session Time Guideline: Members are encouraged to book studio time for a minimum of 2 hours per session.This helps improve the safety of our members and staff by lowering daily traffic in each studio while also maximizing the productivity of each session.
  • Season Structure: We’ve enhanced our Season structure and now provide an overview of all programming for the entire Season so members can best prepare their schedules ahead of time. We’ve also revamped our Starting Point & Checkpoint events to maximize each member’s opportunity for goal setting & accountability for growth.

Understanding The Season Structure

Our strategically curated educational programming guides you along your journey of creative entrepreneurship, helping you to understand the strategy behind building a powerful brand, developing a sustainable business, and living the creative lifestyle you desire.

The Season journey is broken down into 3 acts:

ACT I: Set the Stage (Why, What, When)

Starting Point

Starting Point is an orientation for new members of REC Philly. This event gives creators a deeper understanding of the program itself, their own needs and actionable next steps to grow as brand owners and creative entrepreneurs. It is designed to give REC members the perfect entry point into our proven process.

Members will participate in the following:

Icebreaking Orientation

  • Meet the team and briefly learn about the history of REC
  • Learn about REC’s proven process and how membership works.
  • Seasons, Creator Score & Certification Trainings introduced

Creative Coaching

  • Establish your Creator Score
  • Set goals to accomplish and which events you will attend
  • Join a power group of creators to build with along the way

Meet the Agency

  • Receive professional headshots
  • Get an opportunity to pitch/performance in front of our Agency & Programming teams
  • Initiation & Celebration

Room to Room

Room to Room is an experience designed to inspire collaborative creation between our members. Members are brought together and organized into groups. Each group collectively participates in a brief content strategy workshop, before being given 3 hours to use any of the studios in the REC Room to create a piece of work to be presented at the end of the event. This experience challenges members to adopt a “work to publish” mentality to overcome creative roadblocks.

*Space is very limited due to Covid-19

At Room to Room creators will:

   Explore the REC Room studios
Meet collaborators
Accomplish a creative task

ACT II: Conflict and Journey (How, Where)

Season Journey – A 6 month window to lock in and make process toward goals:

Learn – Gain strategies & skills at programming

Create – Demonstrate skills in creative & business tasks

Collab – Build & nurture relationships

Independent doesn’t mean alone– REC’s programming will give you access to over 100 industry experts who can help you refine your strategy.


After SP & R2R each creator will have a clear understanding of what they want to accomplish and which tasks & skills will be necessary to achieve it. Creators can use the REC App to stay up to date on upcoming events, connect with other creators, and apply for valuable opportunities. The app is your connection point to all of your member tools & resources.

ACT III: Resolution + Reflection


At the end of each season, members are encouraged to attend Check Point, where they can work with a Creative Coach to review their season’s performance and set new goals. For the best experience, Checkpoint is encouraged for members at least four months into the program. For members who join mid-season, we encourage you to attend Starting Point, Room to Room and other events before registering for your first Checkpoint.

At Checkpoint you will:

Audit goals accomplished + Certifications earned

Evaluate growth using the Creator Score

Set New Goals


A celebration highlighting emerging members of our community.

At Live At REC creators can:

Celebrate their Season’s progress

Reconnect with collaborators & create new connections

Earn awards based on Season performance

Then what?

Proceed to next Season to continue your growth!

Looking to Join? Schedule your tour now at recphilly.com/Tour

Got questions about your membership? Contact our Member Success team at Members@RECphilly.com

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